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By asking Question 4, the researchers will be given an idea on how many customers are willing to substitute palitaw with fillings from what they purchased. Competitive price of our product is one factor that can attract retailers to purchase our product, as well as the final consumers.

The emphasis is on words and feelings rather than numbers. The researchers used this method to evaluate the data gathered and to make an analysis of the result for decision making. Based on the customer count conducted by the researchers From FebruaryThe customer tally count is conducted among customers who enter the store and purchased a product.

The pages stick together in spots, and I have to worry about people getting fingerprints on the pictures. That makes me want to take a class like that. The distribution channels are all located at the City of San Feasib bookbind front, Pampanga, near the business location.

Padua Since we are an agricultural country where rice is a staple food and primary produced crop, rice dishes are everywhere and one of which is this Filipino favorite called "Palitaw". We learned four different book techniques: We made an agreement by signing a contract of sale, in that case we can easily determine the demand of our product.

Palitaw came from the word litaw which means float or rise. I would love to learn to do this.


My teacher was such an inspiration — she helped me develop a deep love for making books and boxes. Kakanin can be traced way back to precolonial times when our ancestors used suman as offering to gods and visitors. I made this flat back for my husband to use as a journal. In this way, it will be very easy and reliable for the researchers to find out the demand of the product for a particular outlet or restaurant and what marketing strategies to be used in each distribution channels.

Most Filipinos cannot survive without eating rice or shall we say a meal without rice is incomplete.

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The researchers will stay outside the retail outlet and restaurant and wait for the customers to come out. Because of the demand dictated by the distribution channels, the whole market share for each distribution channels will be catered by the business.

I would like to learn how to make the Coptic books. Aside from its taste, the researchers are much aware of what the product can give in terms of health to customers. Analysis on the demand and supply to determine the market share that is needed be served.

They sign a contract of sales after they have tasted our product. So here are some of my books.

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The word kakanin is derived from kanin, Tagalog for rice. The business is assumed to have additional one 1 distribution channels every year.

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Palitaw can be traced way back in the Japanese Era, they considered palitaw to be almost the same as Japanese Mochi Cakes which are sweetened steamed or baked rice flour cakes. Since Jennelyn Padua Distributorship has a limited initial capital, having a physical store would be an impractical move, the used of distribution channels would be needed to easily penetrate the market at lesser cost.

I write my thoughts and feelings about him so he can have a record of his infancy. Our target markets are the retailers and restaurants. I think I could attempt the Japanese stab binding but the coptic looks complicated. Quantity of the Product Purchased 3. Interview In addition to the gathered information from the survey, the researchers interviewed relevant people to answer questions that are essential to support the study.Operations-Research-P-Rama-Murthy.

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Baixar. A. Problem Identification How to make Metro-Manila the best Metro to live in within the entire Philippines? B. Background InDaniel Burnham, a renowned architect and urban designer, saw great potential in Manila and proposed a master plan for the city.

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Palitaw Feasib for Book Bind - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. 21 PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS Tarpaulin Tarpaulin will be placed in front of the factory of JENNELYN PADUA DISTRIBUTORSHIPto create a visibility to future possible niche market and it is cheaper than other 5/5(3).

Home Essays FEASIB BOOKBIND FRONT. FEASIB BOOKBIND FRONT. Topics: Manila The open-front location that the company envisions will allow the smells of fresh baked goods to waft into the surrounding area, encouraging prospects to enter.

Upon entering, a cozy reception or receiving area shall be their first stop.

Feasib bookbind front
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